Sunday, June 30, 2013

I love my life

I wonder if this has been a heading for a previous post.  It seems like it should have been because I feel this way a lot.  Yesterday was an especially good day though. 

After cleaning wheat (me) and weeding the garden, picking vegetables and canning (James), we were invited to go up in our neighbor's plane.  Thank you Don and Bailey.   I thought I might be nervous about it but I wasn't at all.  It was very relaxing and beautiful.  James posted some pictures on his blog  I used my phone so my pictures weren't as good.  Here's one of our farm.

And another from higher up.

That wasn't the end of a great day.  We quickly ate dinner then did something we hadn't done in a long time; we took an evening paddle up river.  It was just getting dark when we slipped our kayaks in the glassy river.  The weather and water were perfect.  There was no bright moon but we didn't need it.  Our neighbors had told us some folks were camping on their property that night and might be playing music so we stopped at their place hoping to hear guitars or banjos but instead a car radio was playing.  We were greeted at their rocky beach by one of the campers who invited us up to join them. 

Next we met Benny.   Benny was a friendly chatty guy and either he or the guy who we first met on the beach soon handed us an ice cold quart jar of moonshine which was very tasty and we all took turns handing it back and forth.    I told them we were expecting live music because we heard they were musicians.  Benny hollered, "hey, the lady wants to hear some music".   Minutes later a few folks were playing guitar and singing.  We didn't stay much longer because the lightening was getting closer and closer.

I don't know if it was the moonshine or just my good mood but I didn't feel at all nervous paddling back with the lightening  flashing the whole way.    As I recall I said to James something like, "it's ok if I die tonight".   That's how happy I was feeling.  We're so lucky to have the James River in our front yard and I'm so lucky to have a husband who likes to play with me. 

Now that it's a new day I'll admit I'm glad I didn't die last night :)  I'd hate to miss out on more days like yesterday. 


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