Saturday, June 15, 2013

Donkey cart progress

Today was our third time to hook Willo up to the cart.  She's very patient while we fumble to get the harness on her properly.  We really need to do it more often so it's second nature.  We began by James leading her while I sat in the cart and used the reins.  She was very willing.  Next we removed the lead and she followed James along while I instructed her from behind.
When I thought she was responding well to my commands James hopped in the cart with me and she continued to move along nicely until Earl called her.  She stopped and turned around to go the other direction.

On the way back to where we started I got out of the cart and James drove.  I loved seeing this.

Driving is very relaxing - for us anyway.  I don't know if Willo thinks it's relaxing or even fun but when we're done she seems very proud of herself. 

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  1. That's what I need to get to the barn and back- Willow and cart. Actually, we are looking at a golf cart on crags list.