Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Posing in PJs

I need to warn you, if you don't want a baby goat you probably shouldn't look at these pictures because after seeing them you're going to think you must have one..... or 2 or 3.  I went to Dollar General to get them diapers today so they could wander around the house more without me worrying they're going to pee on everything.  I couldn't get LG to stand still for a picture in her diaper.  I cut a hole in the back for their tails.
While I was there I also picked up some pajamas to complete the adorable look.   Modeling a multi-colored onesie  with jungle animals,  LG makes her debut on the runway.  
She wasn't the most graceful model.  She couldn't figure out how to move her back legs individually and lifted them both in the air at the same time.
Together Lulu and LG show how jammies with the feet cut out can be fashionable.
Lastly, Lollie wears a 3 piece ensemble, complete with matching hat that shows off her long ears.
I'm not so sure Lollie liked her outfit.  She was either crying or singing as she tried it out.
Lex looked very sad that I didn't bring him home any new clothes.
Playing dress-up is very tiring for little goats so, all wrapped up, they're now taking naps on and near me as I blog.
They all seem to be doing much better but they're not ready to re-join the herd yet, especially in this cold weather.  Yesterday I let them play in the basement and all they wanted to do was hover by the gas logs.  I had to put a screen in front of them because they wanted to climb on them.

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