Thursday, March 20, 2014

How many goats can you fit in one stall?

Every night at least 4 of the goats cram themselves into one stall.  None of the stalls are bigger than 6 or 7 feet by 3 1/2 feet.  The one they're in tonight is only about 5 feet by 3 1/2.  Usually it's Tila, Respa, Cato and Cooper snuggling.  I understood this when it was cold but tonight was warmer and they got 6 of them packed in there.  There's a lot of moaning and chewing going on.  I don't know how they can sleep with all that noise.  They don't need a white noise maker like I do.
Tila was part way out the door.
As you can see there's plenty of floor space available and other stalls but they choose to sleep together.  Tonight Lily joined them since her mom, Luti, had babies and kicked her to the curb.  Just last night they were all cuddled together and were inseparable.   Poor Lily.  She'll have her own babies soon.  Tila and Respa (mother and daughter) still sleep side by side even though Respa has kids.

Here are 2 more kid photos I thought were cute and forgot to include in the previous blog post.

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