Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tick season--already?

A friend called yesterday and asked if I knew anyone who had guineas for sale.  She found a tick on herself.  I called a friend who I got guineas from a few years ago.  This friend didn't have any but told me she found a tick on her shoulder the week before.  Today another friend came over to see my animals.  When we came in the house I told her I felt like I had bugs crawling on my head.  Sure enough, I found a tick.  It's February 1st and 70 degrees.  This probably shouldn't surprise me (finding ticks) but it does.

For one weak moment I thought I should get some guineas too but then I remembered how they tormented my chickens, and how they screached and made so much noise........and how they tasted so good.  Maybe we should get a few.  They really do a great job keeping bugs away.   


  1. I only had one guinea that I liked. Runty, the wonder guinea. Everyone else was horrible and aggressive. But you said they tasted good, so theoretically you could let them fatten up on ticks!