Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goat Yoga

I've never done yoga except for following a very basic DVD which had very little explanation of what yoga really is.  I will probably offend some folks who are true yoga enthusiasts with this post but I hope they'll understand I'm going with what little I know. 

All of us know that chanting the sound "OMmmmmm" has something to do with yoga.  I Googled OM and this is what I found. 

OM is the most basic, primal sound and the origin of all sounds. It is very liberating to start a yoga asana practice with chanting OM - it takes you beyond intellect, centers you and lifts the energy upwards.

Om is the affirmation of the Divine Presence in the universe. It has a profound effect on the body and mind of the one who chants Om, and on his or her surroundings. Most mantras start with Om.

Try mentally repeating OM when angry, stressed or agitated. The sound can bring you closer to that calm place within just by repeating it.

You probably wonder where I'm going with this, don't you?  When I'm stressed, or worn out or need to find a place to find calm, I go to my goat barn.  This time of the year is the best time to find a sense of serenity.  There's nothing like hanging out with a bunch of pregnant goats, calmly chewing their cud to make you relax and find peace.  Watch this and see if you agree.  Imagine they're all saying "OMMMMM"


  1. Sounds very peaceful and is my kind of yoga too. After my adventure with a scur on Monday (my last blog post) I think I need to go lay in the sun with the pregnant girls and chill.

  2. I agree. It looks very relaxing in that barn! All you need is some Bubble Yum.
    XO LO