Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today's babies, Girls 4 - Boys 1

I had plans to blog about something other than goats today but how could I resist when two of my does gave me twins and triplets?  Instead of telling you about the births I'll just post pictures, since that's probably what you'd rather see.

Here are the triplets that were born to my mini LaMancha, Flower, this morning.
One of her doelings looks just like Sprint, her doeling from last year who is due any time now.  She has no name yet.  The third picture is her sleeping with her brother, Elton, named so because he's very flashy and colorful.  This little girl is the smallest of the 3 and was born first.

Another of Elton.
 Little girl number 2.  She also has no name.  She was out exploring within a few hours.  She's very curious already.

Fresca, my alpine/nubian/saanen cross was bred with Witty, a nigerian dwarf so these babies may have an identity problem.  Fresca's mom, Luti (the one who had triplets 3 days ago) is my biggest milker so I'm hoping Fresca follows in her mom's footsteps and gives me a gallon plus a day.  I was glad she had girls.  I'm hoping they're easy to sell even though they're crosses.  Fresca took to mothering very quickly.  Neither of these girls have names yet.
They're still wet in these pictures so I'll have to get some better ones later.  This little tot looks so much like her papa, Witty.
And the other one looks more like her mom.
The babies born a few days ago are all doing great and look like they've already grown a bunch.


  1. I think I have lost track already. I finally had all your girls names down -- you better draw me a diagram like the one of your freezer or think of a jingle.

  2. I'm with 6 sheep and a llama, I need a diagram. I'm all confused! But they are all cute!


  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh! They are just adorable. I don't know how you can stand all that cuteness every day! I'm afraid I would do nothing but play with baby goats all day :)