Thursday, March 3, 2011

Poppy and Luti's babies

Yesterday Poppy had twins, a boy and a girl.  Their names are Chip (he's the chocolate colored one) and Ella.
Chip has elf ears.
Ella has gopher ears (very tiny).
When I went out to the barn this morning they were already bouncing at only 16 hours old.

I knew Luti was going to have her babies today so I didn't go too far.  James and I went for a walk in the field and I thought I'd hear her cry out if she went into labor.  When we got back she had one on the ground already.  Without a sound she had the second one standing up.  I picked up both babies (boys) and took them and her into the barn where it was cleaner and warmer.   After another 30 minutes she had the 3rd, a girl.  She made no noise and stood while giving birth which I'd never seen any of my goats do before.  We haven't named the triplets yet.  They're still a little damp and they're in a small stall so these pictures aren't great.  The white and brown one is the biggest (first born).  I've seen him nurse but not the other 2 yet.  I hope they're eating when I'm not looking.  I may have to milk Luti tonight because her udder looks like it could burst it's so big.
Here's the little girl.

It's been an exciting 2 days.   More to come.


  1. Karen, I love, love, love them and I have not even seen them yet! They are adorable. Have any of your goats ever had multiple births before? They are all so cute. I love the oldest of the triplets colors. So pretty! I can't wait to come see them all. How many more do you have that are expecting? What will you do with them all?!

  2. Emily, I will sell all of them. We have 4 more does due in the next week. The barn is already looking very crowded. Most of my goats have at least twins and last year we got a set of triplets too. Sometimes first timers have a single. You need to come see them and take a few home.

  3. My gosh they are so incredibly cute! I can't believe they are bouncing around before being even 24 hours old. *sigh* I envy you with all this cuteness!