Monday, March 7, 2011


I need another buck like I need a hole in the head, but guess what I bought today.  His name is Cooper and he's a real sweetheart.  Witty won't leave him alone but I guess they have to get used to each other eventually.  If I'm out there with them Cooper hides behind me.  He's a purebred Nubian.  Already I'm excited to see what kind of babies he produces.  I told the girls I got them a new boyfriend.

I love his red face and Roman nose.
Shamus and Jimmy aren't nearly as interested in him as Witty.  They were more interested in the hay.
Just thought I'd throw in a cute picture for the heck of it.
Chip is probably the most charming and friendly of all the baby goats.  He climbs all over me.

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  1. Wow. Cooper is so handsome! I love his coloring. And that picture of Chip is just way too cute!!!