Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Puck the rooster is not always so nice

I love to look and listen to our rooster Puck. He crows almost all day long and he's beautiful. I've heard lots of stories about mean roosters but was convinced I couldn't have a mean one. I'm nice, my rooster must be nice. Hmmmm. Well, a friend and her almost 4 year old son, Jack, came to visit and Puck kept jumping on Jack with his wings spread out. Jack was wearing a red fireman's jacket and a fireman's hat. We thought the rooster may have felt threatened by Jack because of all the red. The next day Jack wasn't wearing it and the rooster still jumped on him. I couldn't figure it out because he never does that to us. He didn't hurt Jack so I didn't worry too much and chalked it up to a random incident.

Yesterday a friend came by with his 5 (6?) year old daughter. I told him about Puck attacking Jack just so he'd keep his eye on his daughter. He picked her up and just then Puck started jumping on the dad. I don't know if he was going after the dad or the little girl. Maybe Puck doesn't like kids. I can't imagine he's smart enough to figure that out but I know very little about roosters. It will be interesting (I think) to see if he ever does it to me or James, the people who feed him. I'll be pretty mad if he does.

By the way, one of my hens laid a regular sized egg today. The first 10 were all pretty small. We've now gotten one dozen eggs.

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