Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Two Thousand Sixteen

Moonjava hasn't bathed in 2 years.  He thinks it will wash away the good juju that's been with him for  that long.  When I took this photo I saw a noodle, a piece of carrot and a raisin in his hair. I didn't mention it.

Danny is loved by men and women alike.  A real athlete and charmer.  Able to take a joke and give a little ribbing to his buddies.
Danny is also the life of the party.  I could barely get him to stay still for a picture because he was afraid he was going to miss some fun if he stayed put too long.
Pete, aka, Patrice, is Moonjava's twin brother.  Pete works for a software company by day.  As soon as he punches the time clock he's back in his room and Patrice can then relax, paint her nails and trade her tie for a tiara.  Not much of a night owl, she prefers quiet time to reflect, soak in a tub (unlike Moonjava, she bathes), put her jammies on and listen to broadway tunes.

Ahh, what can I say about Ella?  As sweet in person as she is in this photo.  I told her I liked her bows and she wanted to give them to me.  When I asked her what the worst thing she ever did was she
said she once ate a whole jar of strawberry jam in one sitting and didn't leave any for her brother.
Simone, 58, but dresses like she's 10.  Bleaches her hair if she sees the tiniest bit of dark or gray.  Drinks the cheapest of champagnes - even puts it on her Lucky Charms.  When her mouth smiles (which is rare) the rest of her face doesn't know it's supposed to smile too.

Carmine, 46, works at Dollar General, bums cigarettes from the customers.  Buys her wigs on sale at Dollar General at the end of Halloween season.
 Folks call Carmine Big Ears because she hears everything.  If you want to know the latest gossip, Carmine's your gal.


  1. I'm with Patrice....err....Pete....:)

  2. Always look forward to your Halloween posts. You outdo yourself every year. But
    Where is James this year?