Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A painting of me and Raisa

A while back I posted on my blog a photo taken of me and Raisa by my friend June Collmer.  It was in black and white and I thought it was just perfect of the 2 of us.  Well this morning I was surprised
by a gift from another one of our very talented friends, Kathy Kvach.  She saw the photo on my blog and painted this without telling me and then surprised me with it.  So far I've only seen a photo of it because somehow it has gotten waylaid in a post office somewhere.  Kathy, I hope you don't mind me
posting this here.  I just love it so much and feel so honored that a friend would do this for me.  This photo could have been taken of me on just about any morning.  Raisa never leaves the milk stand without a hug or a kiss.  I'm pretty sure she waits for it.