Sunday, October 16, 2016

Facelift for other unwanted pieces

Like the china cabinet I recently gave a facelift to, I've fallen back in love with some pieces that no one seemed to want, including us.  I had tried selling this settee and 2 chairs on Craigslist and at a yard sale.  Here they are before the facelift.
 I removed the cushioning before I remembered to take a photo.
They've been sitting in our garage getting mildewed and it was time to either pitch them or do something with them.  I didn't like the formality of these pieces and they didn't really go with the rest of our house.

I chiseled off the scroll detail on the back of the chair (there are 2 chairs but I've only completed one so far) and removed the springs and built new seats for them out of plywood.  I cut the back off the settee and made it into a bench.  They were sanded, reglued where needed, primed and painted a cheery blue.
And here they are recovered in a fabric I love.
I had originally thought I'd fix them up and maybe try selling them again but now I love them and they've found a place in our bedroom.  Total cost for the whole transformation was around $100.00.
So now what do I do with this?  I have a few ideas :)  As you can see, I have a hard time throwing stuff away.


  1. Wow! Like your ideas! Thought upholstery was beyond you... ha, ha. A whole new business in its infancy.

  2. A shelf! I want to know how you do that double roll.

  3. Susan, just Google double welting and there are videos showing how to do it. I'm getting better at it and learning something new each time I do it.

  4. It would be a perfect headboard for a twin bed.