Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sweet, persistent Willy

I think I probably wrote more about Keri when she was a puppy than I have of any of my other animals.  You just can't get enough of puppies and kittens, can you?  That's how it's been with Willy.  She's so darn cute and funny I can't help but take pictures or videos of her.  Of course she moves so fast it's hard to catch her when she's being her most adorable Willy.  Today I saw this video of cats massaging dogs.  I thought, yeah, well Willy massages Baxter all the time.  They could've been in this video.

James is out of town so I decided to let her sleep with me last night.  Usually I close her in the den so Baxter can get a good night sleep without her pouncing on his tail or harassing him.  I don't know if she harassed him or not but she certainly kept me awake.  I have to admit most of it was pretty sweet.  If I let her she would have licked my face for minutes at a time.  I could only stand it for 10 seconds at the most though because it hurt so much.  Seriously, I think 40 grit sandpaper would be softer on my face.  When I couldn't stand it any longer I'd cover my face with the sheet but then she chewed and chewed on my hair and pulled it.  I'm beginning to understand why Baxter sometimes runs away from her when he's tired.  This must have happened a few times before midnight and then again just before 5:00 AM.  In between those hours every now and then I'd hear her downstairs tossing things about.  I had no idea what was falling on the floor but I didn't hear breaking glass so I didn't get up.

She reminds me of a toddler or puppy.  Sometimes she follows me around, even to the bathroom.  She loves a flushing toilet.
Upstairs or downstairs, she's there.
And if I close her out of the bathroom?
Aren't cats supposed to be afraid of water? Not Willy.
When I spray the hose she plays in the puddle.

As sweet as she was last night, I think I'll close her in the den tonight.  We'll all sleep better.


  1. James, I think you should experience a night in bed with Willy.

  2. A couple times I've felt so much overwhelming love for sweet Polly that I think, "She should sleep in bed with me."
    Your blog post could have been about her, except change it to "I DID hear glass breaking" and instead of just the sandpaper licks, add in some ear nibbling. Polly knows that ears are supposed to be straight, not have that curled edge to them, so she helps me by chewing off the folded-over deformity of my ears.

  3. I don't think I could stand the ear chewing even though that sounds adorable.