Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Different ways to look at mice

We get mice in our house and green house.  We set traps for them and feel bad about that but we also don't like the mess and destruction they cause.  We hope that Willy is a mouser and takes care of the extermination for us.  Somehow we won't feel as guilty if she'll get them.

Today, though, I felt a little different about seeing mice in my environment.  After milking I needed to use the "bathroom" down by the river.  By bathroom I mean a box with a hole under it and a toilet seat on top.  I'll admit  it's not the cleanest toilet you could ask for but the view is great, not to mention the fresh air can't be beat.  When I opened the lid I discovered a big fluffy nest on the front side.
My timing couldn't have been worse.  Out of the nest came mama mouse with 3 babies still attached to her behind.  She was right in the middle of giving birth.  She was freaking out and ran away with these babies trailing behind.  I kept telling her to stay still and I wouldn't bother her but she didn't understand and jumped off the box, babies in tow.

I checked the nest and saw she had left a single pink mousekin in there.  I felt bad about that.  I left the lid open to the toilet in case she came back, which is kind of silly because she built the nest with the lid closed to begin with.  I left her alone and went back to the house to use a real bathroom (no mice there).

Later in the day I went back and peeked in the nest to see if she was back.  She wasn't, but her baby was gone.  She must have come back to get it.  I wonder where they are now.  It's interesting to me that she knew how many babies there were and to go back for the one she left behind.

Next year these 5 mice will probably be invading our house.  They're a whole different animal when they're down by the river.  Odd, I know.


  1. I completely understand the difference between mice in your house or living outside. We have a family in the shed that I am ok with leaving there, but I put traps in the garage. If it make's you feel any better, it looks to me like she gave birth a few days ago and the babies are nursing. They clamp on pretty hard and can be difficult to pull off.

  2. Ahh, nursing. I wondered how 3 could still be attached to umbilical cords at the same time.

  3. Now that I look at the pictures I see their faces are toward the mom. Thanks Todd. Gosh, the babies sure are pink when they're new, aren't they?

  4. I wish I knew of something redeeming about those critters . . . luckily our two mousers are working hard this fall . . . love the cats . . . hate the mice . . . Whitmer even had a mole the other day. He is funny . . . he is a good hunter and loves to play with the catch . . . but is not a finisher . . . we think Morgan does that work. AHHH Nature!!!