Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall colors

We added a little color to the farm this week.  Adam and Melissa came for a few days and helped us get the first coat of paint on Raisa and the goats' barn.  I used to call this Raisa's barn but now she shares it with Windsor, Keri and the goats.
Maybe you can see the red barn way across the field in this next picture.  Our mountains look prettiest at sunset but the colors seem a bit dull this year.  I've seen more color in other parts of the county than here.
Another change we made this week was to move all 4 donkeys to the big field.  Since we merged the big and little donkeys they've become quite close.  I thought perhaps Chy and Wilson would take cues from Willo and Jaz and load into a trailer for the move.  You may wonder why I didn't just walk them over there.  Well, I'm a horrible trainer, I guess, because I've never been able to get them to walk across this tiny boardwalk over the ditch into the road.  I was truly amazed how well they cooperated.  The last time Chy was in a trailer was to come here to live and I understand she wasn't cooperative at all.  Wilson was born here and has never been in a trailer.  It took him about 30 minutes to load and Chy only hesitated briefly.  Black licorice is my secret weapon.

I think they're pretty happy with the move.
Keri deserves a raise because we're always adding to her guarding responsibilities.  Sometimes she takes breaks and finds special treats in the field.  I'm pretty sure she didn't kill this deer.
My mom mentioned this morning she's looking forward to seeing what I dress the animals up as this Halloween.  I better get working on this.  Only 6 more days.