Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kitty love, who knew?

We had a few cats as I was growing up but I don't really remember much about them.  A big orange cat named Danny was part of the deal when I married James.  He had taken him in as a stray.  He ran away when we lived in NC and we kind of wondered if he went off to die because he hadn't been taking care of himself like he used to.  Who knows, maybe he was just hanging out with the wrong crowd.  That was about 18 years ago.  We haven't had a cat since then.

Then along came Willy.  She has become part of the family and we all love this little girl.  I had no idea I would like a cat so much.  The world is her playground and everything's a toy or a source of entertainment, especially Baxter's head, feet and tail.  She rarely lets up on him.

A few days ago she watched as I marked a stringer for the boat deck stairs.  She's good company and never once questioned if I was doing it right.
Baxter and I have been in a funk lately.  I don't know if he's missing Lex or if his allergies (he has a rash all over his body) are getting to him and he doesn't feel well.  I hope he's not allergic to Willy.  I'm going to ask the vet tomorrow.  I felt kind of bad today because I took Willy away in the car to be spayed.  Last time I took his friend away he didn't return.  I promised him she'd be back by this afternoon.  Unfortunately that wasn't the truth.  The vet wanted to keep her overnight because she needs her vaccines and they thought she was too small to handle surgery and vaccines all in one day.  They wanted her to have a little more time to recuperate as she only weighs a little over 4lbs.

I brought Lex's ashes home today and spread them near where Rosie was buried.  It was sad all over again.  Baxter and I will snap out of our funk, I'm sure.  Willy is a really fun distraction and we can't wait till she's back to her Williness.  


  1. I believe Baxter defintiely could be missing Lex (though Im sure a rash wouldnt help either!) When Louise (my first basset, pre-Tim) disappeared, Malcolm dropped into a deep funk for a few weeks. I'm glad Rosie and Lex share such a beautiful resting place. Still looking forward to seeing that deck! Love, Phyllis

  2. Karen, I am so happy that you are finding out for yourself how wonderful cats really are. Some people believe that cats are aloof and too independent to be good, loving pets, but I find them to be just as loving as any other pet I've ever had--maybe just not at boisterous. Actually, that's what I love about them--that they are subtle and very discriminate.

    I was so sorry to hear about Lex. His passing brought sadness to many of us here. We knew him a long time as well.

  3. I hope Her Williness is doing better now and back to her semi-boisterous self.