Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I know what you're thinking, she's a beauty, isn't she?  Yup, and she's all ours.  She may be a bit rusty and the bucket is cockeyed but she's younger than me (just a little) and she runs better so that means something, doesn't it?

I talked James into looking for a tractor with me so I can bush hog the field.  I've been abusing our lawn tractor by making paths through the pasture to accommodate the animals and fencing.  It was eating up our belts and I was getting tired of our repair man lecturing me.  James, being the accommodating and oh-so-sweet husband he is, went along.  I think he came around to the idea after our friends went above and beyond and brought their tractor to our house to give us a lesson.  We knew nothing about tractors and this was just what we needed so we didn't look like complete idiots when we went to test drive one.  If we did, the sellers were kind and kept their poker faces on.  They trusted us enough with their tractors to let us take them for a spin.  

We found Betty, a diesel Ford 3000, on Craigslist and drove an hour and 40 minutes, bought her and she was shipped to us the next day.  It came with a finishing mower so today I cut some grass. We're in search of a 6' bush hog.  Anyone know of one for sale?  I videoed myself driving Betty but realize watching a video of someone driving a tractor isn't nearly as much fun as driving it.
Tonight's reading is a nail biter; the Ford tractor owner's manual.  There's a lot I need to learn.


  1. Love her name! Enjoy your tractor. I love mine!

  2. Thanks Shelley. I've been envious of you and yours since I saw it.