Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Join me on the deck

James and I are in the Outer Banks visiting Adam and Melissa this week.  We rented a really nice house in Corolla with a pond just off our deck.  The pond is covered in lots of green water plants/algae/lettuces??  Whatever you call it it would make fishing very hard and you probably would have to be very brave to put your feet in it.
It's teeming with wildlife.  There must be thousands of turtles and frogs and all kinds of swimmy things in there.  There are probably lots of snakes too but I haven't seen any yet.  I love watching the life move through this marshy habitat.  Nighttime brings a concert like I've never heard before.  It's much louder and busier than the frogs in our hot tub.  I wish I could get pictures of them.  There are many varieties, or at least they have many different voices - high beeping sounds, chirping and low croaks of bullfrogs.  It usually starts with just one frog, then a few more join in until it sounds like everyone in the pond has joined the chorus.  Slowly a few drop out until it ends in a solo.  It gets quiet again for maybe a minute and then starts all over again.

Also living in there are ducks and nutria.  I'd never heard of nutria until yesterday.  They look like beavers only their tails are more like a rat and they only get up to 25 lbs.  We've seen several of them.  They're a nuisance here because they eat every kind of plant and can eat up to 25% of their body weight a day.  I like watching them though.
Tomorrow I'm going surf fishing.  Get ready for some pictures of big fish, or at least some big fish stories.

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  1. I would love to have my feet up on the same banister, along side you guys. Enjoy your time of relaxation. You both deserve it so much!