Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to make a mom worry

As most of you know, Adam is a tour guide at Wild Horse Adventure Tours in Corolla, NC (the Outer Banks).  If you're ever there you should take a tour with him.  He's great and knows just what to say to show you a good time.

As great as he is about knowing just what to say to tourists, he's just as great at knowing what to say to his parents to make them worry.  For those of you with young children who think you want them to tell you everything, well, no you don't. Adam has always been a child who liked to share information with us - good and bad.  Here are some recent texts.

"Someone drown today during one of my tours.  They were looking for the body :/"

"Oh no, that's awful.  How old, do you know?" 

"Don't know yet.   Probably find out tonight.  It was way too rough to swim today."

later on.....
"Boy was only 16."

"I got a new surf board"

"That's great"

"I'm so incredibly sore.  I got my ass kicked by some waves yesterday.  Apparently even if there's a red flag surfers can go out but no one else can swim :)  It was so rough.  I could feel the rip currents pulling me out.  Rip currents are what surfers use to make it easier to paddle out to the waves.  My legs are sore, back, shoulders, abs.  It's crazy."

Today I'm reading about Hurricane Arthur that's approaching the Outer Banks.  I'm sure there's a red flag out at the beach in Corolla.

"Are you working?"  You won't go out in the ocean during the storm right?"

"Yea, I'm working.  Won't go out.  Haha"

And if I'm not worrying about him and Melissa I'm worrying about their dog, Maia.

In a phone call...

"Maia followed us out into the ocean 50 yards.  She has so much muscle her body sinks so just her head sticks out.  We've ordered her a life jacket though."

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