Sunday, June 8, 2014

Windsor's growing up and more of Baxter and Willy

I realized I haven't blogged about Windsor since he was born in April.  He's really growing into a nice looking steer.  Tonight he decided I might be ok afterall.  He's been coming closer and closer to me every day and I can tell he's curious about me but he has yet to let me give him a real massage like his mom begs for.  When I milk he lies right outside the barn gate and watches.  As I fill water buckets he stands close to observe.  Tonight when I went out to feed Keri I gave Raisa a rub down.  As I did he came closer and closer until I could touch his nose without him running away.  Eventually he made a nest in the tall grass and laid down.  As I got closer to him to take pictures he didn't jump up and run away like he usually does.  Check out this handsome guy.
 I love the black rings around his eyes and nose.
Raisa has shed out nicely and is very silky and shiny.  I miss the curls on her head though.
I'm pretty sure Willy thinks Baxter is her mom.  She tries to nurse from him a lot and he usually allows her to nudge his belly for a while but if he sees me watching he jumps up like he's embarrassed.  Sometimes while she's doing this Baxter licks her all over like a mother would.  It's so sweet and comical.
The piglets are getting out and about more often but I haven't gotten them on video yet.  I like the way they lie side by side.  Look at those bright pink noses.  I was afraid if I got a closer picture they'd get up and run away.  They're still kind of afraid of me.
They're not afraid of the other pigs though.  It's interesting to see how all the bigger pigs have welcomed them and everyone gets along so well.   Black Olive is an 8 month old Large Black gilt.  Yesterday and today I saw her go into their shed, lie down on her side to expose her nipples  and let the piglets try to nurse off her.  They'll try and try until they discover she has no milk.  Black Olive is happy to get a 5 minute tummy rub from them.  Mickey doesn't care that the piglets are trying to nurse from someone else.  I think she likes the break.

Lots of cuteness at the farm right now.


  1. Indeed! I want to try to get over and see everyone.

  2. Windsor is a beautiful steer. Will he be going to the butcher?

  3. Yes, unfortunately for Windsor he will one day go to the butcher.