Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our livestock guardian dog

Keri is a treat.  Yes, she's still very hyper when guests come to visit, but I just love her.  She stays with the goats fulltime now and I think she's happy there.  Even though she could very easily jump over the electro netting, which isn't even hot, she never leaves.  Today she had a job to do as protector-of-the-farm.

I heard lots of barking and looked out the window.  I knew immediately by her posture what she was barking at.  She did the same thing last year.

She may look brave but I could tell the snake made her nervous.  If there was a bug or moth at her feet she would jump like she thought she was surrounded by snakes.  Watch the goats in the background.  They take Keri's bark very seriously.  Often when they're out in the pasture Luti stays very close to Keri.  Some of the other goats get nervous when Keri bounces near them but not Luti.  There's a bond there I haven't figured out yet.  Maybe they pass messages I can't read.

Much to Keri's chagrin, or maybe pleasure (I'm not sure which), the snake hung around for a few hours.  I've never seen a snake do that.  I think it was playing with her.

Don't mess with Keri's goats or humans.

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  1. What a good girl. I don't think Heidi has found a snake yet. She has matured beautifully.