Saturday, May 4, 2013

My kids

When Adam was still living at home we had "kids" popping in and out of our house all the time.  Some of his buddies still stop by and visit.  I like it.  Today one of Adam's best friends, Manley, stopped by to pick up some of Adam's things and say goodbye to us.  He's going to be working with Adam in the Outer Banks.  We've known Manley for at least 10 years.  I can't even guess how many nights he's slept in our house, how many times he's irritated me like a son, how many times he's made me laugh or feel appreciated.  I found it a bit sad when he drove out our driveway this afternoon; it was kind of like another part of Adam leaving.   We even lectured him, "wear your seatbelt; put those bolts here, not in your pocket; drive safely;  have fun, etc.  Tomorrow Adam's girlfriend, Melissa,  and a friend of hers are coming to visit.  Melissa graduates in a few weeks and then will be off to the OBX too; another one gone.  Maybe I'm just feeling emotional today.  It's not like they've moved to another country.  They're only 6 hours away.  Still, I feel like we're starting a new chapter.  I love that we've raised an independent son who supports himself but at the same time I miss the banter, the noise, the company, the liveliness. 

It's good  I still have these kids to entertain me.

Chickens aren't quite as good company as the other animals but they're still fun to watch and they run to see me so they do make me feel appreciated,  though I'm sure they're just hoping I brought them food.
Even though I know these guys are glad to see me, looking at their faces you'd never know it.
The pigs are always fun to watch and they almost always have something to say.

 If you've never seen rabbits breed before you may find this amusing.  It cracks me up to see him fall over.

Of all the animals on the farm, this one entertains me the most.  See how I keep him in a fence too?
This is the garden the pigs were in.  He still had to do some tilling after they were out.  He's planting corn, mangel beets, grains, squashes and who knows what else in this garden; hopefully lots of animal food.

I'll miss having young people around but I don't imagine I'll ever be lonely or bored.  We're planning a trip to the Outer Banks this summer so we'll get to see the human kids then.


  1. I love pigs, and it makes me happy to see how contented yours are! Thanks!!!!

  2. Looks busy and beautiful there! Phyllis