Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The new girl

This cold weather has really been getting to me.  I'm grumpy and need some sunshine and new life here on the farm.  When kidding season begins it feels like spring and bouncing babies bring new life and excitement.  Oh, how I can't wait for that.

I did have a little newness and excitement here this week.  I received a phone call shortly after hanging up the phone with my friend Susan where I said I'm enjoying my smaller herd of goats going into kidding season.  The woman on the other end told me we'd met but I didn't recognize the name.  This is a very common occurrence for me these days - not remembering.  She had to rehome a goat and I was the first person she thought of.  Apparently this 4 year old goat had been the companion of a man who recently died.  The woman on the phone adopted him to be a companion to her horse.  Unfortunately her horse was not fond at all the this little girl.  Nor was their dog who chewed off 1/3 of her ear in a confrontation.  These things happen on a farm.  It's tough and discouraging. 

Hmm, so, would I be interested in this goat?  She had horns.  I said I'd never own another goat with horns.  I was told she was a saanen, which was the first goat I'd ever owned and had led me to own goats today.  Well, she's not a saanen and that was a disappointment but that's ok.  She's a sweet goat and she hasn't tried to hurt anyone with her horns. When I brought her home she was in heat and Cooper was happy to meet her needs so if all goes well Darcy (that's the name her previous owner gave her.  Before that it was Billy Jo) will have babies the end of June, beginning of July. 

The goats, Chy and Wilson (the standard donkeys) accepted her into their family with very little drama.   Keri, on the other hand, was not at all happy that an intruder was amongst "her" goats.  Fortunately they met through a fence while Keri snarled at her and Darcy stomped her feet.  I found this a bit stressful and wondered what I'd gotten myself into.  Things were going so smoothly until I interrupted their happy family.  I gave Keri 5 days to watch Darcy interact with the others and see that she was welcome.  Today I let Keri in with the others while lecturing her and telling her Darcy was a good goat and Keri was a good girl when she didn't attack her.  So far so good.  Darcy still has what ears she arrived with and Keri has no holes in her sides from Darcy's horns.  I breathed a sigh of relief and I think it's all going to be ok. 

Welcome Darcy.


  1. Sounds like she is just what you needed to get you through the winter and into spring!!

  2. OUCH, her half ear hurts me......Mike

  3. She's a cutie, half ear and all. Glad to see a post, was about to call to see if all was OK out your way.