Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Update

I'll let the photos do most of the talking.  Goat kids don't begin arriving until March 12th or so but Pessa looks ready to pop.
I let the goats and donkeys out of their yard to graze on some different greens. Keri enjoys her recess time also.  She's a pretty girl, don't you think?
The pigs have been doing a great job plowing up the new field garden. 
They're still undeniably cute.  We're not sure if Roxie is bred or not.  I keep watching for signs of heat but haven't seen any lately.  Maybe Calvin has done his job.
If you think these pigs are cute you might enjoy this video   If I ever get another breed of pig it will be a Kunekune.

Some friends came to visit a few weekends ago. They brought me a few dozen eggs to incubate, which should hatch out in about 9 days.  They also brought me these.
Some of them are "pretty" chickens - silkies.  I've always liked them but could find no excuse to get any other than they're nice to look at.  Check this guy out.  He will be very fluffy with feathers everywhere when he gets larger.  Right now he's just funny looking.
All the donkeys are doing great.  Willo is still at the trainer and I miss her.  Yesterday I couldn't resist milking Chy a little.  Yes, Wilson, at 2 1/2 years old is still nursing.  I only got a few tablespoons of milk but it was enough for James and me to have a taste. It really tastes nothing like milk.  She wasn't crazy about me milking her but she was way better than she used to be.
We've jacked up the boat a bit and it is resting on solid beams.  Next we need to dig some holes for the deck posts.  We've got a long way to go.

Here's another project in the making.  We plan to build a chicken coop (egg mobile) on top of this old pop up camper chassie. 
This chicken coop will be in the field with the big donkeys.
I've been working on tanning 2 goat hides and 3 rabbit pelts.  The rabbit hides are about done but the goat skins still have a long way to go till I soften them up.

I also have a goat leg prosciutto hanging which won't be ready for at least a few more months.

The aquaponics garden has shrunken to just two beds and the lettuce has just about made it through the winter, though it's looking pretty sorry.

The rabbits are doing fine.  One of them started pulling her fur out and making a nest which made me question if I had sexed her daughters correctly.  It appears she's having a false pregnancy and after a second check I'm sure the girls are definitely girls.  I guess I should breed this girl since she's so eager to have more babies.

I must include a picture of Lex since he's such an important part of our family, even though he doesn't have much to do with farming.  He's really showing his age and doesn't spend as much time outdoors as he used to.  He favors his back leg but is still ready and raring to go if we invite him to go for a walk.

I'll close this with a picture that says "SPRING".  These are our first daffodils in bloom.


  1. Great post. Katie loves Kunekunes.
    We had a White Silkie rooster, Angel Cake was his name. He was the best rooster in the world.
    We don't know why, but he became a professional midwife, and attended every birth on the farm for a couple years straight.
    One day the bad teenage roosters drove him away and we never saw him again.

  2. Holy crap, lady! You do have a lot going on!

    Poor gal at the top sure does look about ready to pop. :)

    Your goat hides further boost my decision to try tanning a deer hide (providing I get lucky again this fall). We normally discard them with the gut pile (ticks and fleas, oh my!), but I think I really need to try it. Those goat hides are really pretty!

  3. All I can say is "Wow, Karen!"

  4. Thanks for the update. I must get over to see all in real time. When are we going to do goat hooves?

  5. The pictures are even more interesting now since I have been there. That one silky is really filling out. It is going to be real pretty. Everyone always comments on my silkies!