Thursday, February 28, 2013

Surprised at 50

I've never understood why some people have a hard time with birthdays.  I wondered what the big deal was.  Why would one day of the year be any different than another day, especially if on that day you get special attention?  I've always loved birthdays.

This year surprised me.  I think turning 50 bothered me more than I wanted to admit.  I blamed my mood on the weather, menopause and that I thought James was planning a surprise party for me which I didn't want.  At least I thought I didn't want one. 

Again I was surprised, not by the party, but that I enjoyed being the center of attention.  Just kidding, that doesn't really surprise me.  I was surprised by how touched I was that all those people were there to celebrate with me and that I have so many friends who mean so much to me.  Adam drove back from the Outer Banks to be here with me too.  Thank you, Adam.

James filled my favorite restaurant with our friends - friends we met through other friends, because of animals, running, from home remodeling, parents of Adam's classmates, Adam's girlfriend, through Freecycling, etc.  He did an awesome job and I don't think I'll ever forget this night.  It was perfect.  A friend sent me an email today saying I looked totally relaxed and happy.  She was right, I totally was.   I don't think I stopped smiling all night. 

Bob said a prayer for me.  Not really.  As true friends do, he made fun of us.  He said James and I were full of gas.

Roy wrote me a song.  I sure wish I had it on video.  Maybe one day he'll sing it for me again and I can record him.
As I've probably said in past blog entries (if not, I should have) - I'm pretty sure I don't deserve a husband as good as James but I'm glad I tricked him in to marrying me.  He planned this for 3 months while I made things hard on him.  I love you, James and I can't imagine how I'm going to make your birthday as special as you made mine.  To all of you who made turning 50 so much easier and so much fun, thank you. 

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