Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peas, peas, peas

I'm sure I blogged about this in the past, how we tend to eat the same vegetable night after night when it's in season.  I think we ate asparagus for a few weeks and lots of salads when lettuce was coming out our ears.  Well, now it's pea season. 

We've probably had peas every night for the past 5 nights.  Tonight we had friends for dinner and I wanted to make the peas a little more special.  What I did to them wasn't anything special but we all loved them.  I brought some water to boil then blanched them for no more than 2 minutes, then drained them.  If you're not ready to serve them yet you should put them in ice water so they don't continue to cook.  We were ready to eat so I left them hot and added a mixture of 3 Tbl. butter, 4 chopped up leaves of basil and 1 tsp. of grated grapefruit zest. 

Once the butter melted over them they were ready to eat.  I really loved the flavor of the grapefruit zest on them.  I'll do this again.  I had planned to use mint instead of basil but I couldn't find mint in our garden.  I don't know what happened to it.  The basil was nice though.

I went to a friend's for dinner earlier this week and she served a fruit galette for dessert so I copied her and made one today.  Again, another simple thing that tastes special and requires so little work.
James froze about 30 quarts of strawberries this year and today picked a bunch of black raspberries that grow around the perimeter of our property so that's what I used, mixed with a little sugar and flour.  The crust was just one of those Pillsbury refrigerated roll out crusts.  This was topped off with some goat milk ice cream. 

What's next?  I think the next thing to ripen in abundance is green beans.  I bet the basil butter and zest would be tasty on beans too. 

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