Saturday, June 9, 2012

It takes two to tango

Last night Adam texted me a picture of a stirfry he and Melissa made.  Adam grilled the chicken on their deck while Melissa cooked the rice and vegetables.  After a few texts back and forth he said, "it's more fun cooking with two people".  I agreed.  I can't imagine any dinner could taste bad from their deck though.
I told James about their meal and he said, "you and I prepare meals together".  He's right.  We may not share the kitchen or deck but it takes both of us to get our dinners on the table. 
James' gardens are beautiful this year.  June is a good month to take pictures so I did that today.
Here's an artichoke that won't make it to our dinner plates but it's picture-worthy, I think.

Keri and Lex are doing their own version of the tango in the garden where they don't belong.
This is not in James' garden but our cheese will be served alongside the vegetables he grew.  We have 40 lbs of cheese aging downstairs. 
I love that we both contribute to our meals, whether it be cooking it or growing it.  Adam's right, it's much more enjoyable when 4 hands prepare it.


  1. Wanted to see how the garden was doing this year and it looks so amazing!! And Sam is in love with your stock of cheese. Holly