Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's up Doc?

This is what's up.
 Some wascally wabbits were born.  Six of them.
I won't say they're cute yet but it is kind of sweet seeing these pink little things that kind of resemble rabbits.  They were born two nights ago but I was afraid to blog about them in case they were gone or dead this morning.  I'm still a bit hesitant about saying I've successfully bred a rabbit since I've been such a failure in the past.  Here's the mama.  I was going to say, proud mama, but I'm not really sure if she's proud or not.  At least she hasn't eaten them and she made them a nice warm nest of fur. 
Maybe I should name her something other than black bunny.  Good job Mama Black Bunny.


  1. They only get cuter as they get older. At work we don't handle them until they are 4 days old to reduce the moms eating them. Good luck!

  2. Oops. I hope I didn't put them in danger. I distracted the mom with a parsnip. I picked one up yesterday too.

  3. You're fortunate that you get to see your little babies. With our burrow we don't get to see anything till Mrs. Bunny trots them out! Congratulations on the births.

  4. I hate to say it, but I suspect that Mama Black Bunny had an illicit affair with a Naked Mole Rat!

  5. Very cute. The boys would absolutely adore them. I imagine Layla would as well since eventually they will have fur. She loves anything with fur. :) I see another trip to the farm in our future.