Thursday, April 19, 2012

Head count

Every now and then someone asks how many chickens or how many animals I have.  I almost never know.  Tonight I decided to write them all down.  These numbers change very quickly.  I have 11 eggs in the incubator so if all goes well the chicken number will change in another week.  Twenty turkeys are due to arrive in early May but I'm not counting them either.  Also, I may have 2 more rabbits having babies this weekend so the rabbit number could grow in a hurry.  I recounted the rabbits born earlier this week and somehow I missed a few.  It looks like there are 8 of them.  I can't help but pick them up and inspect them.  I didn't know there were black ones in the nest too until tonight even though now that I look at last night's picture I see them very clearly.  They're growing fur very quickly.   Ok, here's my count.

36 chickens, 1 parrot, 3 dogs, 1 pregnant pig, 18 rabbits (I think), 5 donkeys, 18 goats (one is  pregnant).  Did I miss anything?  That makes a total of 82 as of today. 

We do have a few other animals in our house that I didn't include in the count.


  1. Eww...Did you get rid of them??

  2. Lmao! Gotta love the count!

  3. Yes, Emily. James put them outdoors.

  4. Oh My! They are so cute. Until they grow up and invade the pantry!!