Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still waiting for more babies

There's not much happening in the way of excitement here but it's been relaxing sitting and watching Poppy's babies explore the outside world and waiting with the pregnant moms-to-be.  The kids are very lively and have already seen a good bit of the pasture.  One of the little girls, Glory (short for Morning Glory, used to be Sambuca) will be moving to TN the end of this month.  I guess I need to start thinking about finding homes for the other 2 cuties also:(

Their little horns are growing like crazy so tomorrow we'll disbud them.  I've gotten much more relaxed about this but still hate it. 

Pessa, Luti and Flower could kid any time now.  Luti's udder is so big her legs hit it and it sways side to side.  She moves very slowly.  Pessa's udder isn't as large but her giant mid-section makes it hard for her to lie down.  She's very uncomfortable.  Flower, on the other hand, looks like she could wait another month but I know she's due now so I'm thinking she's only going to have one baby.  She still runs as fast as she always did and jumps up onto a 3 foot high wooden spool.  She and Luti were bred the same day but you'd never know it from looking at them.

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  1. Ugh. We disbudded 4 bucks yesterday.
    Tis the season :-(

    Your kids are darling.