Sunday, March 18, 2012

Farm visits begin when babies arrive

It's no surprise we get more company once the baby goats arrive.  The last 3 days have been very busy.  James was gone for 4 days but I have to say, while I missed him, I was never lonely.  I should have taken pictures of all the visitors but unfortunately I forgot.  I did get a picture of our last visitors this afternoon.
It's interesting to see which goat appeals to everyone.  Today, out of 11 visitors the most popular goat, hands down, was Otto.
I would have never guessed that.   ALL the kids loved him.  I really thought the long eared goats would be more popular but, nope, all the tiny-eared goats (mini lamanchas) were favored.  How can you resist this?

They're all irresistable.  When folks leave I have to count my goats to make sure none disappeared.


  1. It will be hard for me to pick a favorite. :)

  2. So stinking cute! Hattie has gotten to be sooo loving lately. Did you notice that with your pregnant mamas? Phyllis