Friday, March 16, 2012

7 BOYS!!!

I'm a little tired so I won't write a lot but I will post pictures.  In less than 24 hours 3 of my goats had 7 boys.  That's right, no girls.  Luti and Pessa had triplet boys and Flower had a single. 
In this video Flower's boy wasn't more than 30 minutes old.  The mini lamanchas are so much faster up on their feet than the full sized goats.  This little guy's name is Otto.  I was going to name him Billy Joe because of the song that was playing when he was born, but then I thought it was a bad idea to name a goat Billy.

Luti had her three boys this morning.  They have been sleepy most of the day and I worried one wasn't eating so I gave him a bottle.  He just can't figure out how to get her teat in his mouth.  He just licks it.  I call him Buffalo because his head seems a bit big and fluffy.  His brothers don't have names yet.  This first picture is Buffalo.

Look at the ears on the guy above.  One is always showing the inside and the other the back side.  I wonder if that'll change as he grows up.
Next came Pessa's boys.  She insisted in having them outside and wouldn't let me coax her into the barn.  Her babies were born in the dirt.  I keep wanting to call this lighter one a girl. 

I think I'll call this next little guy Felix.  This is my friend, Lindy Felix holding him.
I'm expecting Darla to kid in the next few days.  Is it too much to ask for one girl?

So far one chick hatched in the incubator today.  Another one is getting close.  


  1. I hope you do't have people waiting to buy doe kids. Bizarre. I want to see them all. Maybe I will try to talk Kathleen into coming tomorrow.

  2. All boys! Can't believe it. They are all so sweet. I love the name Otto. Have you named the others?? Wish we lived closer. Can't wait to hear how things go with Darla! Phyllis

  3. So cute! I can't wait for all of us to come up...two more weeks! Layla will wear her John Deere "work" boots...hee hee.