Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How cool is this?

I just had to blog right now to say how cool it is that my son can be having surgery and the hospital provides internet service for the patient's family.  Adam was just taken away to have his tonsils removed and I have a 2 hour wait till I see him in recovery.  There are a few computers here and there for us to use while waiting.  We're at Augusta Health Center and I'm impressed with how nice it is.  That explains why this surgery is so expensive I guess.  I'm going to drink my fill of coffee and maybe even have some crackers or cookies but probably not thousands of dollars worth.  Hospitals sure have come a long way since I last sat in a waiting room.

I'm hoping to blog later tonight about babies being born in our barn today.  When we left this morning Polly looked like she could kid sometime in the next 12 hours.  I left James in charge and have my cell phone handy in case he needs help.  I'm also going to call my friend, Susan, to see if she can be on call if he needs her.  Adam's doctor asked me if I didn't think a goat could do it herself.  I told him no.  Of course I know she could do it herself but I don't want her to feel alone.  The nurse who checked Adam in used to have dairy goats and asked me if I'd call her if I ever started selling cheese.  We talked goats for a while and she asked Adam how it felt to be replaced by goats.  He laughed.  He may not have found it so amusing if I found someone else to bring him here just so I could be with Polly instead of him. 

So now I wait.


  1. Give Adam lots of ice cream - it's good for him! of course you have to have some, too. Have you made goat ice cream? J

  2. We have goat's milk ice cream in our freezer and I happen to be eating a bowl of it now in between typing. A friend came over and took Adam out for a milkshake. Surgery went well and he feels fine, but then the percoset probably has lots to do with that.

  3. I'm glad Adam's doing well.Percoset has a way of doing that.