Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We had our first set of triplets last night.  Well, we didn't, but Polly did.  Two boys and a girl.  The boys came first and I was a little disappointed but then she pushed out one more and when I turned her over I was happy to see the plumbing I was hoping for.  The first little boy out was the tiniest little goat I've ever seen.  He's adorable and just as hardy looking as any of the bigger goats we've had born here.  I was hoping to get a video of them today but they've been sleeping most of the day and haven't left their stall so all I got were snapshots.  Their names are Wally, Doodle and Daisy.  When I was milking Polly before I used to sing to her, Oh I went down south for to see my Sal singin' Polly Wolly Doodle all the day....... And that's where the names come from.  The 2 tiny ones are Doodle and Daisy.

I wanted to show a comparison in size between the chicken and baby but they're too far apart.
I was hoping to show how tiny Doodle was compared to my hand but WOW it just makes my hand look huge.
                                 A pile of baby goats.
 I have to add this last picture because I thought it was cute.  It also shows how hot it was today.


  1. So cute! I didn't know goats could have triplets. By the way how's your son doing?

  2. Wait till you have sextuplets. Now those are some small goats!
    They're beautiful. I'm so proud of good Polly.
    We hope that Adam is feeling normal, and not missing his tonsils too badly.

  3. I enjoyed seeing the babies!
    I'll have to try your goat ice-cream. Maybe I can get Laura to bring us out...I'll buy some ice-cream. J PS - smart turkey!