Sunday, January 10, 2010

Too much rest on the day of rest

It was 10 degrees when I got up this morning.  A little girl and her dad came to watch me milk the goats.  Of all days to choose.  Poor little girl had to take her gloves off when I asked her if she wanted to help milk.  I think she liked it though.  I hope her dad got a good picture.  After they left and I finished my morning chores (which I don't really think of as chores.  I just don't know what else to call them) I sat around doing very little.  I checked all my usual websites, emails and read bits and pieces of some farming books I got from the library.  I watched some videos on how to build a desk.  The speaker was very dry but still I learned something.  I was feeling kind of bored.  I don't usually get bored.  I hate even to use that word.  This cold and snow is keeping me indoors more and I hate it.  When James got home we went for a walk.  The sun was out and it felt so much warmer.  I felt better too so I put the metal roof on the chicken coop I recently acquired and took the goats for a walk around their pasture. 

Yes, I'm thankful for free time and to be able to rest when I want but too much rest can make a body lazy and cranky. 

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  1. I'll bet the little girl had fun! Think of the stories she can tell her friends. I got too much sleep Saturday night and when that happens, I'm "muggy" all day. Can't think of another word. We took a walk right after church and that woke me up. But I told Fred last night that this cold is getting me down and makes me not want to do a darn thing. Blah.