Saturday, January 16, 2010

Need help naming my ducks

My ducks arrived today, 2 girls and 2 boys.  The boys are the ones with the darker heads.   My friend, Gail, gave them to me.  Gail is the one I got my first 2 goats from.  I have remained in contact with everyone I bought goats from or sold goats to.  Like me, Gail loves animals.  She drove 2 hours to deliver these Indian Runner ducks to me.  She was meeting someone else nearby to pick up a bassett hound rescue that she will foster.  She will now have 15 dogs. Yikes!  She also has 2 pregnant donkeys, maybe 5 or 6 goats, cats, chickens and ducks.  Since I don't plan to eat the ducks and there are only 4 of them I feel like I should name them.  Look at the one girl with the pom pom on her head.  James thinks I should name her Menno because he thinks she looks like a Mennonite with her head covering.  I think she should have a fancier name since she looks so fancy.  So far they haven't gone into their house, only under it.  I hope no predators get them since I can't shut them up at night like I do the chickens.

Ducks are great foragers and we're hoping they'll keep the slugs and other bugs off our plants in the garden this summer.  They shouldn't be as destructive as chickens.

Does anyone have any suggestions for names?


  1. John says Daffy for one and Donald. How about Fancy. That's it from here. I have to save good names for Geese and chickens and maybe a couple of additional sheep. Susan

  2. the female in front looks like a fiona. the others i'm still thinking about.

  3. maybe Margret for the one with the puff ball on her head.

  4. and Tuffy and George for the males.

  5. Funny how a few names came up that were emailed to me or similar to some names I was thinking. Chawna (or Shawna) suggested Margaret for the one with the puffball head and I was thinking maybe Madge.

    Fiona is so similar to Farzana which I was also thinking. Farzana means intelligence in Indian.

    I also like the names Tuffy and George. I guess I need to watch them more and see who would be Tuffy. Right now they all seem to act the same.