Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Girls can be tough

Today I disbudded (burned the horn buds off) Sprint. She was 2 weeks old today and her horns were just coming in. That seemed a little late to me but she's just a tiny thing. James held her and I shaved her head around the horns. I don't think she made more than one small peep while I shaved. I've done this to 3 little boy kids and they all screamed. I was hoping this was a good sign of things to come. When the iron was hot I burned her horn buds off. It has gotten easier each goat baby I do but it still makes me a little nervous. What a trooper Sprint was. She cried for a bit but nothing like you'd think a little goat would when a hot iron was burning her head. When we put her back in the fence with the others she ran to her mom but then found something else more interesting to chew on. You'd never know she'd just gone through some trauma. That's my girl.

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