Friday, December 4, 2009

Hooray! I can go on vacations now.

As all 5 of you who read this know I've found the whole goat milking adventure a challenge and learning experience.  I've dodged kicking feet, lost a few pans of milk because of a hoof stepping in it, had milk run down my wrists, sprayed myself and James numerous times, had many cramps in my hands and been frustrated again and again.  Finally, I think I've got it down and everyone behaves pretty well on the milking stand (for the most part).  It took me 3 months to get to this point though.  You can't imagine my surprise and excitement when this morning Lucas came over (a new friend of ours) and milked all three goats somewhat easily.  He was a natural.  I don't know if it's because he has milked cows before or he's just that good.  Even milking cows couldn't have prepared him for Strawberry's tiny teats.  How a man could get his fingers around those tiny things  is beyond me.  What this means is we can now go to PA to see my family around Christmas and I won't have to worry about our furry family back at home.

Many people told me I wouldn't be able to leave home now that we have goats but I just felt sure I'd find someone who could help out.  Sometimes I worry my luck can't last.   How can someone be so lucky for 46 years without her luck running out?  Do other people feel this way?


  1. I'm glad you will be able to head to PA to visit your family.....I know Elaine will be very happy!

    I love reading your blog and hearing of your adventures...although it does make me feel like I don't do enough in my life! LOL

  2. Karen, I know what you mean about feeling lucky and sometimes worrying the luck will run out. But I think we make our own luck and we don't dwell on the downside of life. That makes us lucky indeed.