Thursday, December 17, 2009

End of year letters

Two nights ago on Jay Leno 2 young women sang a song mocking people who send letters in their Christmas cards bragging about their family's accomplishments that year, or share really weird information like I may do in my blog.  I usually like letters in cards though.  I don't care if it's a xeroxed (do people say "xeroxed" anymore?)  letter or not.  I like being caught up on what's been going on.  Pictures are always nice too.  I did received a card today though that was pretty incredible.  I won't go in to detail but it was a brag letter like you can't even imagine.  If someone told me these things in person I wouldn't know what to say.  Maybe, "wow, your child is so awesome.  You must be so proud", would be appropriate.  That's not what I'd want to say though.  In my head I might be saying, "Are you serious?  Aren't you even a little embarrassed to be saying these things to us mere mortals?" 

If any of you send me a year end letter, seriously, I'd love to get it.  I promise I won't make fun......really, I like them.  A little bragging is ok.  A LOT of bragging  just may make people talk about you in their blog.


  1. BWAAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa. I love this. Every year I wait in anticipation of my most favorite letter. It comes from a former grad student who tells every stinkin' detail of her life over the past year, including all of her surgeries, her mother's surgeries, her cat's surgeries, her illnesses -- you get the picture. I'm hoping she doesn't let me down this year because I want so much to share it with my friend, Amy, who once tutored her. She's never been lucky enough to receive one of them.

  2. I really don't like the "xeroxed" letters or even the emails that get sent to a thousand people. I like my cards and emails to be personal. That's why I write a blog. So those that are interested in what I am doing can read it. Those who aren't don't have to go through the process deleting or shredding.