Monday, October 26, 2009

Some days everything goes your way.

Today was my day.  I almost hate to say that for fear something bad will happen before I go to bed.  Seriously, I had the most wonderful day.  Yes, I have a lot of great days but today was even better than usual.  I went to pick up my two new goats, Principessa and Luti.  They're big goats, probably twice the size of my others.  I didn't have a dog crate big enough for the 2 of them so I took the station wagon and they rode with me like the dogs do.  I think Luti liked it.  Principessa cried every now and then, at least I think it was a cry.  They peed 3 times.  Oh well.  The car has over 300,000 miles on it and has dog hair all over.  Not much could hurt it.  When I got back home I drove into the pasture and let the goats out to explore.  I had all the others closed up so they could meet each other through the fences. 

As I was heading back to the house my phone rang.  Someone saw my ad at the local farm store and wanted to come see Telly and Chaps, my almost 10 week old wethers.  They got here 30 minutes later.  Not only did they want to buy Telly and Chaps but Clifford also won them over and they want him too.  Of course he can't leave his mom for 5 more weeks but they left a deposit for all of them.  All the goats were on their best behaviour and couldn't have acted any sweeter.  I trained them well.  They will be pets on a large horse farm.  I'm sure their 8 year old son will love them.

To top off the day, I milked Principessa (we'll call her Pessa) and it was like no milking experience I've had yet.  Really, I was almost giddy.  Milking a big goat is nothing like milking a dwarf.  It all went so fast and she didn't budge the whole time I was milking.  I didn't even need James' help.  I just tasted the milk and it was delicious.

As I look out my window now the sky is a beautiful pink and blue.  In this picture you can see some glowing eyes.

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