Sunday, October 4, 2009

Elk Cliff Clifford

The link above is to a video of Clifford, my new baby.  Actually he's Witty and Strawberry's baby.  In the video Clifford turns around a few times so you can see all sides of him.  I also have a video of the birth but I'm not sure if people would like to see that or not so I'll think about it and maybe post it later.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching kids be born.  It's so exciting and we've been lucky that we've had easy kiddings so far.  It's interesting seeing the difference in mothering between Polly and Strawberry.  For the first few weeks of Telly and Chap's lives Polly rarely left their sides.  Strawberry, on the other hand, goes out to graze while Clifford is sleeping.  Clifford seems to be more independant too.  When he's tired of her attention he finds a little hideaway to take a nap where Strawberry can't get to him to lick him.  Different strokes for different goats I guess.

To be continued.....

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