Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog Page- Rooster

I've been awake since 3AM and finally I decided to get up a little before 5:00 instead of lying there watching the clock. What else is there to do at 5AM when it's raining out but get on my computer? I discovered new ways to add more gadgets to my blog so that's what I did. You can now see what time it is (EST, of course), listen to Regina Spector sing, search youtube, and check the weather, all from my blog. There were thousands of gadgets I could add. Very cool. They appear on the right side of the page under the picture of holey jeans.

It's pouring right now and over the sound of the rain I can hear my rooster crowing. He just found his vocal chords 3 days ago and it's hillarious. He's getting so much better at cockadoodledooing. At first it wasn't quite right but we knew what he was trying to do. I just love hearing him. I don't have to worry about neighbors complaining of the noise since 2 other neighbors already have roosters. I need to post a picture of him on here soon because he's getting really pretty. Maybe I can video him crowing so you can enjoy it too. I'm thinking I should name him. Right now we call him Rooster. Does anyone have any suggestions for a name? He's an Australorp, black in color with hints of shiny blue and green.


  1. How about Robert, Rodney, Rory or Reginald? I think they all go well with the last name of Rooster.

  2. Hmmmm, I'm considering Reginald. It sounds very distinguished. I've also considered Puck, like from the book Puck's Peculiar Pet Shop. I just think it's a funny name.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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