Sunday, December 4, 2016

Miss Christmas

I can't decide if she's done or not.  I feel like she might need more color.  It was a lot of fun putting her together.  First I found some heavy duty wire mesh in the garage and made a longer skirt for her.
I had an extra strand of bistro lights so I wired them on next.
I kind of liked her like this but it was a little industrial looking and not very Christmassy so I covered her first with yews, and on top of that, put some branches with pretty little yellow and red leaves.  I don't know what the plant is.  Today those leaves are pretty dried up and if you bump them they fall off.  It still looks pretty, I think.  Next an addition of some pompous grass fluffy seed heads.
I had a scrap of burlap in the basement and made a top for her.  Her belt is magnolia leaves spray painted pewter and her collar is more magnolia leaves painted red.  More leaves were hot  glued to the yew part of the skirt.
I have a feeling I'll be primping her for the next 3 weeks until I think she's beautiful enough for Santa.

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