Friday, December 30, 2016

End of the year

We woke up to a very light dusting this morning.  I'd be happy if that's the biggest snow we get this winter.

I had really thought I'd be able to blog more regularly but I see I haven't written since Cooper died.  Last night a friend gave me a really special gift.  She felted me a Cooper doll.  He's awesome and even has a spot on his side where Cooper did and grass in his mouth.  Jan is an amazing artist.  I wish I had pictures of other things she's felted.
Yesterday I bought myself an early birthday gift from James :)  I can't wait to play with it.
I'm building a garden gate for James for Christmas.  It may be more like a birthday gift though, since it could be another few months till it's done.  I'm so excited about my new welder and imagining all kinds of things I can make.  I can't play with it too much yet because I have to finish building another Christmas gift first.  I'm just a little behind on gifts this year.  Sometimes it takes me a while to get inspired.

My oldest guardian dog, Keri, is having some health issues.  She's not even 6 years old yet so this is very discouraging.  She's been weak in her back end and is very slow moving.  I've seen her fall down
several times but bounces right back up, wagging her tail the whole time like nothing ever happened.  I took her to the vet on Monday and X-rays showed there's no hip dysplasia, tumors, compressions in the spine, or anything else out of the ordinary that could be seen with the naked eye.  They ran some blood tests to see if she might have lyme or some other tick borne disease but none of that is definitive by just blood tests alone.  They came back negative.  So for now we're treating her for parasites that can attack her muscles, by giving her an antibiotic and a pain killer/anti inflammatory.  She's looking a bit stronger and I haven't seen her fall lately, but I can't be sure if it's just the pain meds helping or if she's really getting better.  Yesterday she was wrestling with Rex and acting like a puppy so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  She loved going to the vet and all the special attention she got.  She would have ridden around in the car with me for hours and been a very happy dog.
I can't believe we're just over a month away from kidding season.  My first girls are due February 10th.  They're looking pretty round now and very healthy.  I think my goats look their healthiest when they're pregnant.

Remember my cute little house lamb, Rudy?  He's now a pretty big guy and still very friendly.  Soon it will be time to take him and the boy goats to the butcher and it'll be a sad day.  The other morning he greeted me at the gate (begging for food, of course) and I noticed pink on his ear.  Someone had bitten the end of his ear off.  I suspect Darla is the culprit.  She and Rudy are always head butting each other and she's a biter.
Every morning I wonder what I'll find when I go out to feed and milk, which is where I should be headed right now.  Hopefully all is calm and well.

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  1. What a fine looking sheep. I am sure Rudy will give you some fine lamb for the freezer after all the fine care and fun times at Elk Cliff Farm. Let me know if Keri has additional issues after the antibiotic.
    How many projects on the welding list? What fun you will have. Great birthday present. I am going to hopefully get a new pair of blue jeans tomorrow for my b.d. Happy New Year!