Friday, August 26, 2016

Night watch

Raisa is due to calve in 6 days but like an anxious grandmother I keep thinking she's going to have the baby any hour.  At 9:00 tonight I just had to go out and stare at her.  Finding her in the pasture turned out to be easier than I thought.  The goats and dogs were resting comfortably in the barn when I disturbed them and they thought it was necessary to follow me all through the pasture till I found Raisa.  Luckily she was lying in a path near the cross fence where the bulls hang out.  There's no way I would have found her if she was lying somewhere in the tall grasses.

I laid with her a while and gave her lots of scratches while the dogs and goats watched.  She seemed totally unconcerned that the other animals surrounded her.  Never once did she get up.  I took dozens of pictures but none of them came out very clear.  She seemed happy to have me near.
Her udder is very large but you probably can't tell from this picture.  I, of course, think it looks like a good indication she's going to deliver soon :)  It will continue to get bigger and every day I'll think, "this is it".
After about 30 minutes I decided nothing was happening.  The goats seemed anxious to return to their barn but didn't want to go without me and the dogs so I led them back.
It was very relaxing being out there with my animals in the dark and I think I could have laid with Raisa for hours if it weren't for Keri and Rex wanting my attention and the goats anxiously waiting for me to do something.  I may be doing this for another week.  I really think there will be a baby in a day or 2 but that could be wishful thinking.

It was very hot today and I caught Franklin cooling off in the pig wallow.

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  1. I love these updates/postings! They make me feel like I see you guys more often than I do and the postings are always so interesting and often poetic.