Saturday, March 19, 2016


Rudy has gotten way more active these past few days so he's been exploring this fenced in area during the daytime hours when it's nice out.  I put Baxter in with him so he wouldn't be lonely; also to see if Baxter would stay in the fence.  He's been leaving our property lately so we can't let him run loose anymore.  He's a digger so I fully expected him to dig his way out and leave Rudy alone.  Baxter did stay in the fence and he and Rudy looked pretty content.  They were curled up together for a while but then I guess it got too hot so they found their own places to lounge.

Rudy's been staying in the chicken barn but he's got to be bored.   I don't want to leave him in the fence alone at night though so the barn is the only option until he's big enough to be with the goats, cows, donkey and dogs.  I took him down to meet them and all went well.  He'll be happy when he can stay down there with them but I'm not ready for that yet.  He's got some growing to do.  Also, he gets a bottle 5 times a day so this is more convenient.  He gets house privileges every now and then.  It's raining today so he's in the basement napping on a blanket while I make cheese.  Yesterday he was very wound up and tap danced on our floors.

This isn't lamb related but I thought you might enjoy watching a goat kid's fascination with a donkey.

Very soon Willo's tail will be much shorter.  The kids actually chew it off.

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