Thursday, March 3, 2016

Darla, Dahlia and Delilah

Darla was the first to kid this year with two healthy doelings.    We're calling them Dahlia and Delilah.  I'm thinking all the kids will be named with the first initial of their mom this year.  Delilah is the cutie on the right with the crazy ear.

I had planned to wait for April kiddings but got a little excited and bred Darla and Luti in October.  A goat's gestation period is approximately 150 days.  Today was both Darla and Luti's 150th day.  Luti looks like she'll have her babies either tonight or tomorrow.  All my other does aren't due till April.

I need to check my notes but I think this was Darla's 3rd year to kid.  Each year she's had 2 babies.  She's a pro by now and hardly makes a fuss through labor.  She decided to have the babies in the dirty run-in shelter instead of the milk barn or goat tractor which I had just put nice clean bedding in.  Before the 2nd kid had even nursed James and I scooped up the babies and carried them to the goat tractor so Darla would follow.  Can you imagine having twins and then having to walk/run 100 yards through a field?  I felt kind of bad about it but I really wanted the babies somewhere cleaner and safer.  Goats are amazing though and much tougher than humans when it comes to giving birth. 

Willo was fascinated with either the baby or the birthing process.  She hovered the whole time unless Keri chased her away.  Keri is very protective of her goats during kidding but also wants to be sure she's the one who gets to eat the birthing fluids :) 
Both kids are sturdy and nursing well.  Darla is a great mom - very attentive.
Tomorrow we head to Ohio.  James's mom, Wanda, died this week at age 93.  While I'll hate leaving the farm knowing that Luti is ready to kid, it will be good to be with family celebrating her life.  We have a wonderful farm sitter, Marilyn, who I trust completely.  This is an awesome photo of my mother-in-law.

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