Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sleeping arrangements

I wish  had a picture to show you of the pigs tonight.  I went out to close up the chickens and feed Keri and thought I'd check on the pigs while I was out there.  Roxie has been gathering more grass for their nest in the trailer the past few days.  I guess she knew bad weather was coming.  Animals are amazing that way.  I approached the trailer and saw Roxie burrowed down in her nest, her face looking out the door.  Behind her was a pile of 4 pigs.  I really mean it when I say "a pile".  The 4 GOS and Large Black pigs were draped across each other right behind Roxie's butt.  I don't know how they could breathe the way they were stacked up.  It was adorable so I grabbed my phone and by the time I figured out how to take a picture with a flash they piled out of the trailer thinking I'd brought them some food.  I felt bad about that. They looked so cozy and I disturbed them.

The goats have also moved their bedroom tonight.  They finally decided to sleep in the trailer we recently got them.  I hope Keri piles in there with them tonight.  She usually sleeps with them but she'd need to be in the doorway so she can keep an eye out for danger. 

Tomorrow night our lows are supposed to drop to -1 with strong winds.  I hate this.  I'm glad to know, though, the animals have figured out on their own how to best keep warm. 

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  1. I think given a suitable "place" our critters will manage to make it comfy and warm. I on the other hand have the heats lamps in place just in case...