Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Playing games

James and I returned from PA yesterday after a visit to celebrate a belated Christmas with my family.  Saturday night we gathered at my sister's.  Thirteen of us were sitting around the dinner table and I said, "let's play a game", or something to that effect.  I know some people hate games and surely some groaned when I suggested this, but for some reason they all humored me and everyone played.  I assured them it was simple and you didn't need to know anything to play this game.  There are no winners or losers.  Here's how you play.  I have no idea if this game has a name or not.  It's kind of like Whisper Down The Lane.

Everyone gets a blank piece of paper and writes a sentence across the top.  It can be anything.  Let's say I wrote I love to play games.  Next we pass our paper to the person beside us.  They read the sentence to themselves and draw a picture they think illustrates our sentence.  Maybe something like this.

After drawing the picture you fold the paper over, hiding the sentence but leaving the picture exposed, then the paper is handed to the next person.  That person is to write a sentence that they think the picture describes.

Again the paper is folded over, this time to hide the picture and leave the most recent sentence.  This continues until everyone at the table has added to each paper or until someone says, "ok, that's enough".  In the end the paper may look something like this.
You get the picture.  The fun part is reading the sentences aloud and seeing where they started and where they ended up.  Sometimes they stay pretty close to the original sentence but most times they stray far from the subject matter.  I loved playing with my family and I appreciate them being such good sports and humoring me.

Speaking of which, James is my prince when it comes to humoring me.  I'm not kidding.  I drove the 7 hours home from PA while James worked on his laptop in the passenger seat.   I had my headphones on listening to Pandora radio.  I said to him, "it's really hard listening to all these songs I love without singing out loud".  He responded, "go ahead, you can sing".  Oh right.  Who would want to hear someone sing out loud to music they can't hear?  It makes me laugh just thinking about how I'd sound singing with earphones in.  I'm tempted to video myself doing just that but I DO have some pride, believe it or not.


  1. Great post. Sounds like a great game too, I think!

  2. We used to play that a lot in England when I was growing up! It was great fun.